The Tamerton TIMES

Editor – James Oldham                       Secretary - Sharon Ravenscroft
Treasurer – John Gill                           Distribution - Simon Beesley

About Us


The Tamerton Times is the magazine for the village of North Tamerton. It is a bi-monthly publication, appearing six times per year, and is delivered free of charge to every household in the village


Some ten years ago the Parish Council decided to send out a questionnaire to every household in the village to gauge the interest in setting up a magazine for the village. The response was very poor, but even so Councillor Judith Barnes decided to call a meeting to see if such a magazine might still be viable


The attendance at this meeting was much more viable and it was decided to go ahead with the project, with Judith as our inaugural chairman. Unfortunately her health deteriorated and she died soon after the publication of our first issue. However, it was thanks to her determination that the magazine was launched and we owe her a debt of gratitude


From the outset we were told that parish magazines usually do well for the first year but seldom last much longer. We are proud to have proved the doubters wrong and we are still going from strength to strength, having published our first issue in September 2008


We rely heavily on contributions from the residents of our village, and we also serve to announce forthcoming events in the village, and to report on them afterwards. We see ourselves as an asset to the village as a whole and as a means of bringing our community close together



Back issues

We will shortly be uploading as many back-issues of the magazine as we can find. Please bear with us!